to Accreditation Centre

The Accreditation Centre ZSVTS (AC ZSVTS) was established as one of the organizational units of the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (ZSVTS) with the purpose to fulfil its mission in the field of technical and engineering education in Slovakia. ZSVTS is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization embracing 44 societies in different fields of science and technology.

Accreditation Centre ZSVTS is a unit within the organization of ZSVTS and its role is to fulfil the function of accreditation agency. The legal and financial responsibilities for activities of AC ZSVTS stay with ZSVTS as the legal entity. The AC ZSVTS acts within the framework set by its Statute approved by the ZSVTS Board of Members and is autonomous in methodology and decisions related to accreditations.

The main goal of the AC ZSVTS is to promote European standards of quality

in technological and engineering studies in accordance with the mission of ZSVTS aimed at enhancement of quality of engineering studies in Slovakia.

AC ZSVTS functions as an accreditation agency for study programs in technological and engineering disciplines realized at technical universities. It is recognized by the European Network of Accreditation Engineering Education (ENAEE) and is authorized to award EUR-ACE label of quality to the study programs that meet the standards The EUR-ACE label acknowledges that the study program meets European standards of education quality in engineering studies.

The milestones on the way leading to the start of AC ZSVTS


Decision of ZSVTS Board of Members to establish the Accreditation Centre ZSVTS within the organization of ZSVTS devoted to accreditations of engineering study programs according to EUR-ACE® standards.

6. December 2013

Statute of the AC ZSVTS approved.

5. September 2014

Full membership of ZSVTS in ENAEE.

17. November 2015

Signed "Memorandum about Mutual Support of Study Program Accreditations according to EUR-ACE Standards in Slovakia" between ZSVTS and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of SR. 

30. December 2015