The engineering study programs in Slovakia are regularly subjected to rigorous accreditations carried out by the State Accreditation Commission pursuant the Act No.131/2002 on higher education. 

However, there is no organization, which is independent of state authorities and authorized to confirm the quality of education by European standards. It is ambition of ZSVTS to fill this gap and through its Accreditation Centre enable HEIs in Slovakia obtain quality label EUR-ACE.

The mission of AC ZSVTS thus includes:

  • apply and further develop standards of quality of higher professional education in study programs in technical disciplines,
  • assure quality in technical education,
  • apply European quality standards to higher professional education,
  • develop training and educational activities aimed at European standards of higher professional education,
  • guarantee the membership of ZSVTS in the association ENAEE,
  • set forward procedures and criteria for evaluation of study programs in technical disciplines at the Slovak higher education institutions. The procedures and criteria shall be in accordance with the European Qualification Framework,
  • sign agreements with other national accreditation institutions aimed at cooperation and mutual recognition of procedures and criteria.

The mission of AC ZSVTS is implemented by the following activities:

  • carrying out accreditations of study programs at higher education institutions according to the criteria and procedures which are in compliance with the EUR-ACE standards,
  • issuing certificates acknowledging that the EUR-ACE accreditation requirements have been met,
  • maintaining the database of accredited study programs,
  • organizing seminars and courses dealing with the accreditations and European standards,
  • participating in the ENAEE activities.