Accreditation Centre of the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (AC ZSVTS) is an organizational unit within the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (ZSVTS). The responsible legal entity for the AC ZSVTS activities is ZSVTS.

The affiliation of the AC ZSVTS to the ZSVTS


Internal organizational structure of the AC ZSVTS has two levels with the Council of AC ZSVTS as the highest authority.

The organization of AC ZSVTS


The AC ZSVTS Statute defines the main roles within the organizational structure of AC ZSVTS.

  • AC ZSVTS Chairman is the highest representative of the accreditation centre nominated and approved by ZSVTS Board of Members and AC ZSVTS Council
  • AC ZSVTS Council is the highest authority in the AC organization formed by 14 representatives of HEIs, Ministry of Education, Slovak Academy of Science, and professional associations and chambers. The council is entitled to make autonomous decisions about methodology and results of the EUR-ACE® accreditations
  • AC ZSVTS Secretary General is the top executive function responsible for general operational management including the administrative and financial matters as well as implementation of the AC ZSVTS strategy
  • AC ZSVTS Methodological Commission develops the accreditation system, methodology and procedures. It guarantees the compliance of the system with the EUR-ACE® standards.
  • AC ZSVTS Commission for Complaints and Appeals handles the complaints and appeals against the AC ZSVTS Council decisions - following the standard procedures