Process and

Whole accreditation process is aimed to ensure that the study program outcomes fully comply with the six outcomes identified in the Framework Standards and Guidelines (Edition of  March 31, 2015) issued by ENAEE. The accreditation process involves the following steps:

Step 1.

Orientation meeting with the HEI representatives

The purpose of the meeting is to

  • Explain the EUR-ACE® accreditation system to the representatives of HEI and make sure that they understand the whole concept of the EUR-ACE® quality label
  • Explain the accreditation system and procedures used by AC ZSVTS
  • Discuss the results of the state accreditation
  • Discuss the chances that the study program is fit to pass the EUR-ACE® accreditation

Step 2.

Preparation of the application and self-assessment

Based on the orientation meeting, the HEI representatives are expected to prepare and submit an application for the EUR-ACE® accreditation on a pre-printed form issued by AC ZSVTS. The application is required to be supplemented by the results of the state accreditation and a self-assessment according to the basic requirements of EUR-ACE® label.

Step 3.

Evaluation of the application in AC ZSVTS and signing the contract about the accreditation.

A member of the Methodological Commission is assigned to study the application. If necessary, he or she works with the HEI representatives to make sure that the application is complete and finally gives his/her approval to signing the contract between HEI and ZSVTS about the EUR-ACE® accreditation. The contract is signed by the AC ZSVTS Chairman.

Step 4.

Meeting preparatory to the accreditation audit

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and specify

  • The time plan for the audit
  • The roles on both sides (especially the role of the Lead Auditor, members of the audit team and the responsible contact persons in HEI for each study program)
  • Organizational requirements

Step 5.

Accreditation audit

Typically, the audit follows the stages such as

  • Initial meeting
  • Interviews with the teaching staff, students and administrative staff
  • Tour of the facility
  • Meeting of the audit team to assess the results
  • Discussion of the managing documentation and records
  • Final meeting of HEI representative and auditors to discuss the results

Step 6.

Preparation of the report

The Lead Auditor is responsible for preparation of the audit report in prescribed structure. The report contains the final recommendations. The report is presented and discussed in the AC ZSVTS Methodological Commission which adds its final verdict, which can be

  • passed without conditions
  • passed with conditions with specified deadline to fulfil
  • failed

The Lead Auditor is responsible to communicate the verdict and conditions to HEI. Then the Lead Auditor is responsible to make sure that the conditions to pass the audit have been fulfilled in time and to inform about that the Methodological Commission.

The final decision to award HEI the EUR-ACE® quality label is made by AC ZSVTS Council based on the report and recommendations from the Methodological Commission. The decision is announced in written to the HEI authorities. The HEI has 14 days for submitting complaints or appeals. If no complaints or appeals have been filed, the decision is published on the AC ZSVTS website. The AC ZSVTS administration is responsible to provide the HEI with a EUR-ACE® certificate which is valid 5 years.

AC ZSVTS keeps a list of all EUR-ACE® accredited study programs in Slovakia. The list is published on AC ZSVTS website and the content is constantly updated by the administration of AC ZSVTS.