Commission SR

The Accreditation Commission was established by the government of the Slovak Republic in 1990 as its advisory body. Essential tasks of the Commission are to monitor and independently evaluate the quality of education, research, development, artistic and other creative activity of the universities. The Commission comprehensively reviews conditions under which these activities take place at individual universities. Based on independent evaluation, the Commission contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of the education provided at the universities and develops recommendations to improve the operation of the universities.

The Commission has 21 members, appointed by the Government of the Slovak Republic for a period of six years, but with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The head of the Commission is the chairman, who represents the Commission externally and at meetings with other bodies to the extent authorized by the Commission. In addition, the Chairman calls and chairs the meetings of the Commission, prepares the proposed meeting agenda, signs the memoranda and documents developed by the Commission and informs the public of the activity and findings of the Commission.