It is responsibility of the Methodological Commission of AC ZSVTS to create and develop efficient methodology of EUR ACE accreditation applicable to HEIs in Slovakia and compliant with the rules set by ENAEE.

The current methodology is based on the following activities:

  • Study of the managing documentation related to the study program such as: HEI directives and procedures, study plans, state accreditation documentation, and other pertinent documents.
  • Review of the records and data such as: study reports, other relevant reports related to the study program, minutes of the management meetings, relevant correspondence.
  • Seeing and inspecting the facilities, equipment, and material resources of HEI.
  • Interviews with teaching staff, students, and administrative staff.

The methodology of accreditation is implemented by documented procedures and forms used by the trained audit teams which are nominated and approved by the AC ZSVTS Methodological Commission and AC ZSVTS Chairman.

Usually the audit team consists of a Lead Auditor and at least three other members nominated by the AC ZSVTS Methodological Commission and confirmed by the AC ZSVTS Chairman. At least one member of the team is an expert in the specific engineering field. All four audit team members must pass the standard training of EUR-ACE® auditors according to the AC ZSVTS standards. The audit members are chosen to avoid any possible conflict of interests.

Lead Auditor

Meno a titul

/ Dátum školenia

Lead Auditor


Dufinec Imrich, prof. Ing., PhD.

Education: University of transport and communications in Žilina Practice. Institute of economic and logistic safety on University of Security Management in Košice, vice- rector of University, professional guarantor of the certified and protected by a patent of training system Isometric
Teaching: economic and managerial subjects in study specialization – Safety of persons and property; guarantor of study subject – Safety of enterprise
Member: Editorial Board of Košická security review

Flimel Marián, doc., Ing., PhD.

Education: In 1981 he graduated at Faculty of Civil Engineering on Technical University in Košice.
Practice: He worked for several companies in the building industry at studio and field engineer positions. He is an authorized civil engineer. In 1992 he acquired the degree PhD. and in 2009 the title Associate Professor. Currently working as a university teacher at Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies TUKE, Košice, Dept. of Process Engineering, specializing in environmental and physical evaluation of the buildings. His list of publications and presentations counts 168 titles.

Hrnčiar Miroslav, doc., Ing., PhD.

Education: University of transport and communications in Žilina
Practice: quality manager, solving of research projects and tasks on the field of quality management for practice.
Teaching: on Faculty of Management and Informatics
Member: Quality Council on University of Žilina, working group „CAF and Education" pri European institute for public Government, commissions on Slovak Office of Standards, metrology and Testing, the former president of Slovak society for Quality

Krupová Adriana, PhDr.

Education: Faculty of Law and Pedagogic Faculty of University of Trnava, PhD. thesis – social education
Practice: coordinator for the implementation and managing of the systems of internal quality on Trnava university. She actively participated in national and international events devoted to the system of quality assurance in higher education

Matiašovský Peter, Ing., PhD.

Education: Faculty of Civil engineering on STU in Bratislava (SvF STU), PhD. Thesis - Theory and the structure of ground buildings
Practice: director of Institute of Constructions and Architecture, Slovak Academy of Sciences, research in Building physics – heat and mass transfer. Teaching: department of construction of ground buildings
Member: Working group of the Commission on accreditation, member of Editorial Board of The Journal of Building Physics, chairman of the Editorial Board of Building Research Journal.

Mlynárčik Peter, Bc.

Education: Safety person and property on University of Security Management in Košice
Practice: junior manager in a publishing company regioPress distribution

Nováková Renata, doc., Ing., PhD.

Education: University of transport and communications in Žilina University in Žilina
Practice: main methodologist of CAF University team, quality management, marketing strategies, planning and communication
Teaching: Marketing and communication strategies
Member: scientific councils, commissions for Bachelor, master´s, doctoral and rigorous examines

Šurinová Yulia, Ing., PhD.

Education: Faculty of Material Science and Technology, STU Bratislava – Production quality engineering; PhD.thesis – Production management, Project management
Practice: quality assurance manager; external supervisor of the Institute of industrial engineering and Institute of integrated safety; trainer and consultant for quality management systems, experience from managing of quality, planning and realization of internal audits
Teaching: Quality management on Faculty of Material Science and Technology, STU Bratislava
Member: Slovak Society for Quality

Varga Jaroslav, Ing., CSc.

Education: Faculty of Civil Engineering on Technical University in Košice (in 1985 graduated). In 1989 he obtained obtained the degree PhD.
Practice: His carieer started as a specialist in building physics in architectural design and engineering studios. In 1991, he founded his own company IZOLA employing over 35 people. Currently acting as the owner and statutory of the IZOLA,Košice. Ltd. - a company providing design and realization services related to the insulation of buildings.

Vargovčík Ladislav, Ing., PhD.

Education: Faculty of mechanical engineering Technical University in Košice; PhD. thesis – Manufacturing technology, post gradual study of management and marketing in industry (USA), post gradual study of change management (Canada)
Practice: ZTS Research and Development Institute Košice, preparation and couching the projects on the field of research of service robotics and equipment’s for nuclear energetics. From 2011 solved with your research team 6 projects for CERN successfully.

Závadský Ján, prof., Ing., PhD.

Education: Management of industrial enterprises on Faculty of Material Science and Technology, STU Bratislava, PhD. thesis – Economics and management of enterprises on University of Economics in Bratislava
Practice: quality manager, solving of research projects and tasks on the field of quality management for practice. Co-author of the international standard CEABPM 1001:2013 – requirements for process driving organizations, quality system auditor,
Teaching: on Faculty of enterprises management, head of Institute of management systems on University of Matej Bel, manager of quality of this University, guarantor of continuing education focused on quality management and process management
Member: Slovak association of process management (2006-2011 Chairman), Vice-president of Council sponsors of Central European Association for Business Process Management